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the rat rod

A rat rod is a customised car with a deliberately worn-down and rustic appearance. Typically distressed, lacking paint, showing rust, and made from repurposed parts, these vehicles always display the personality, imagination and creativity of the builder.

Jean Marc is an interior designer from Normandy in France who has lived in Australia for more than twenty years. A couple of years ago he purchased a Land Rover in Queensland and drove the vehicle back to New South Wales where he began his rat rod conversion.

The designer transformed a timber cable spool into a comfortable bedroom that was then attached to the back tray. Jean Marc didn’t like the original, shiny white paint so he sanded back the surface, applied a primer, then applied a decorative rust paint.

And, just to add another layer of creativity, inside the red trailer that is towed behind the distinctive Land Rover is a custom built sauna!

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