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In our modern world paint technologies are constantly changing and improving. Paints that were once manufactured from harmful, solvent-based chemicals have now been replaced with water-based materials. One of these new products is the aqua enamel.

Water-based enamels are hard-wearing paints perfect for doors, trims, frames and suitable for interior or exterior use. They are simple to use, but, there is a technique for achieving the best results.

Once you start applying an aqua enamel it's important to maintain a wet edge and to keep moving across the surface. Don't go back over the paint you've already applied as the product dries quickly and the paint will grab, then drag.

If you're painting a door it's a good idea to divide the various areas into panels. Decorative trims can be painted with a brush, and the surrounding broad surfaces coated by using a microfibre roller. Brushing back over the roller-applied enamel will create a finish that gives an even texture across the entire door.

From my experience thin, consistent coats are the best way to apply this paint, and leave a day to dry between layers. Avoid using this paint in humid conditions as curing takes too long and the enamel will start to sag.

Water-based enamels need to be applied more quickly than the oil-based originals, but the health advantages to both the painter and the person living with the paint are significant. The paint future is a healthier choice for every time-travelling consumer.

David applies an aqua enamel on the decorative areas with a brush. On the broader surfaces he'll apply the paint with a 4 mm microfibre roller, before tipping-off.

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