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sieved and strained

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

I try to minimise the amount of waste I create. So, I reuse and recycle and rethink how I use paint which is why I'm always looking for really simple ideas that will help me reduce rubbish. I was demonstrating special finishes to some painters the other day, when one of my helpful students showed me how to avoid lumpy paint. His idea is now my useful tip for you!

Now, because I do so much teaching, I'm constantly opening cans of paint which means I get hard and crusty bits forming on the lips and lids of my cans. These bits fall into the paint and end up on the surface of whatever I'm painting, which is really annoying.

So, the tip I was shown is this. Cut a piece of muslin into a square, then drape the centre of the fabric into the the can. You could also attach an elastic band around the top of the can to hold the material in place.

Once the muslin has become soaked, simply dip your brush into the paint pool

and complete your project without bits of annoying stuff scratching the surface.

Simply drape a piece of muslin over the open can and allow the fabric to fall into the paint.

And a Carl's helpful hints video. I hope that helps and please email if you have any questions.

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