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every day is a school day

In Sydney's Eastern Suburbs you'll find Edgecliff, a leafy land filled with older homes built on narrow, winding streets.

Sam the painter was working in a tiny, three level terrace home where he was rolling Eggshell on the walls and spraying Aqua Satin Enamel on the trims, doors, book cabinets, kitchen cupboards and staircase, (balustrade, spindles and risers).

Sam spent several days taping and masking the three levels before he started painting. The advantage with using a spray gun is that Sam can work very quickly. The brief time he spends spraying more than compensates for all his painstaking preparation.

The equipment used on this particular job was very specific, but if you're an applicator you might find the technical information helpful in guiding any work you might be considering. Please remember this is a guide, and every job will be different.

So, after taping and masking, Sam adds some water to his paint. Then, using a Graco 395 Electric Sprayer with a 312 tip and the pressure set at approximately 1200 psi, Sam tests the fan on the wall first before beginning his runs. He works from the top floor first then every lower level after that, applying an even coat of water-based enamel on to his primed timber surfaces.

Even in the confined spaces of the old terrace home Sam can work very quickly and it doesn't take long for the first coat to be applied. Then, the windows are opened to allow fresh air into the rooms and the paint is left to cure for a couple of days. On his return Sam can gently sand away any runs or drips on the fully dried paint before applying a second coat in exactly the same way as the first.

The final results are very impressive: a smooth and consistent finish that flows from room to room and floor to floor across a variety of different surfaces. Sam's favourite saying is "Every day is a school day". This is a painter who is constantly learning and improving his techniques and sharing what he knows.

Have a look at the link. You''ll meet Sam and hear him talking about his work:

If you have any questions, please send me an email.


Sam spends days on preparation before working his way through every level applying smooth and even coats of water based enamel to the many surfaces in this beautiful, old home.

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